$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (2024)

The Best Go Karts Under 500!

Go Karting is one of the most adrenaline packed sports on the planet.

Trying to find a go kart under $500 can be a little difficult. The cost of go karts have not gotten any cheaper!

But have no fear!

We have found some of the best go karts under $500.

These four wheeled fun machines will bring joy to you and your family!

Go Karting is a family sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

You can find some really good go karts for adults here and some other great go karts for kids here!

Don’t forget about pedal go karts as well! You don’t always have to have an engine to have fun!

Best Go Karts Under $500

Top 3 Go Karts Under $500

Our Pick!

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (7)

Razor Crazy Cart



  • Insanely Fun Drift Kart Go Kart
  • Fully Electric
  • About 40 minutes of run time
  • Top Speed of 12 MPH
  • Ages 9 and up
  • Supports up to 140lbs


  • Recommends a Max weight of 140lbs
  • Not for Offroad use

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Best Adult Go Kart Under 500!

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (8)

BERG Pedal Kart Rally Orange



  • Recommended 4 - 12 Years Old
  • Swing Axle for Stability
  • BFR System (Brake, Freewheel and Reverse)
  • Pneumatic Tires
  • Fore and Aft Seat Adjustment
  • Fits a wide age group of Kids
  • Builds Strength and Stamina


  • Good for Offroad use
  • Minimum Assembly required

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Best Go Kart Drifter Combo!

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (9)

Radio Flyer Ultimate Go-Kart, 24 Volt Outdoor Go Kart for Kids



  • Sleek and Modern Looking
  • Proven Brand you can Trust
  • Max Weight Capacity - 130 lbs
  • About 45 Minutes of Run Time
  • 3 Speed Setting. 5, 8 and 11 MPH
  • Easily Driftable with the Slick Rear Tires


  • Not the Best for Off Road Go Kart Riding
  • Run time on a Battery Charge is only 45 Minutes

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Good Go Kart for Light Offroad Use

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (10)

Berg Reppy Rebel Kids Go Kart



  • Recommended 2 – 6 Years Old
  • Swing Axle for Stability
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Foam Tires – No Flats!
  • Fore and Aft Seat Adjustment
  • Sleek and Modern
  • Builds Strength and Stamina


  • Can be hard to use off road
  • Minimum Assembly required

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Razor High Torque Drifter!

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (11)

Razor High Torque Motorized Drifting Crazy Cart with Drift Bar for Ages 9 & Up, Speeds up to 12 MPH, Blue



  • Go Kart built for drifting
  • Speed up to 12 MPH
  • 24V Power System
  • Reliable Brand
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame


  • Not good for Offroad Use
  • Need a flat open area to use

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Best Low Speed Drifter

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (12)

Razor Crazy Cart Shift for Kids Ages 6+



  • Kids and Adults can Ride
  • 12 Volt Power System
  • High/Low Speed Switch
  • Super Easy to Drift
  • Quick and Responsive Steering


  • Large Adults will have a hard time
  • Not Good for Rough Terrain

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Best for Kids 6-12 years Oldd

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (13)

Aosom 24V 7.5 MPH Electric Go Kart



  • Maximum Speed of 7.5 MPH
  • Great Go Karts for Kids
  • Parental Remote Control for Younger Kids
  • Drifting Abilities on Hard Flat Surface


  • Not Good For Offroad Use
  • A little bit slow at 7.5 MPH

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Razor Crazy Cart - Ultimate Go Kart Under 500!

This drifting go kart is one of the best on the market. Full grown adults can drift with the best of them!

The Razor Crazy Cart is the ultimate drift machine for adults. The 24 Volt batteries power an electric motor up to 12 MPH! That may not seem fast but when you are hanging it out there drifting around corners it will feel pretty quick.

Built to last, the Crazy Cart DLX features a high-torque motor and a sturdy steel frame. Its outrigger stability casters ensure full-size stability, while the brodie knob and vertical drift bar provide added control and maneuverability. The high-impact pneumatic front tire, as well as the durable wheels and caster wheels, guarantee a smooth and thrilling ride.

One of the standout features of the Crazy Cart DLX is its versatile drive system. You have the option to choose between go kart mode or crazy kart mode, giving you complete control over your driving experience. Whether you want to drive forward, reverse, sideways, or diagonally, this cart can handle it all.

The DLX comes equipped with exclusive features such as Brodie knob steering, vertically mounted drift bar extensions, and full-sized front caster wheels. These additions enhance your drifting capabilities and allow you to perform exhilarating back end drifts with ease.

With a battery life of up to 40 minutes, the Crazy Cart DLX ensures you have plenty of time to enjoy its thrilling performance.

Something I have always wanted to do is buy a dozen of these go karts, set up a small drift course and race with my friends.

For more information on drifting go karts click here!

BERG Pedal Kart Rally Orange

The Berg Rally Orange Go Kart is a perfect pedal go kart for kids that are on the move. There are a bunch of features that make this pedal go kart really great for on road and off-road use.

Tires –The pneumatic tires really help smooth out the ride absorbing impacts and bumps as you ride down the road.

Suspension – The Swing axle allows the axle to move separate from the frame to compensate for holes and bumps that you may come across.

Drivetrain – My favorite feature of this pedal go kart is the BFR (Brake, Freewheel and Reverse). We have all probably ridden on a bike where the pedal wants to spin as fast as you are moving right? That can be scary and dangerous. Thanks to the BFR system you can go as fast as you want and the pedals will freewheel from the drive system.

We purchased a Hauck Batmobile, and the boys love it. The pedals do not have an overrunning clutch. Meaning that the pedals will continue to rotate as the go kart is rolling. If the go kart is moving really fast, so are the pedals. Regardless, they still love the thing!

Options – You can get the Berg Rally Pedal Go Kart in a couple of different colors. Pearl, which is more pink, Green and Orange.

Berg is a well-known and trustworthy brand of go karts. Click to check out some of the other Best Pedal Go Karts on the Market!

Radio Flyer Extreme Drift Go-Kart

Radio Flyer has been building wagons since 1917!

They are a trusted brand and have been around for a long time.

The electrification of the little red wagon evolved into a sleek and modern looking electric go kart!

This go kart delivers a fun and exciting riding experience with its three forward-driving speed settings of 5, 8, and 11 MPH. But the real highlight is its drifting ability!

The combination of rubber traction on the front tires and extra wide hard rear wheel slicks. It’s the ultimate drifting vehicle for go kart racing enthusiasts!

Safety is a top priority with the Extreme Drift Go Kart. It comes equipped with a parent-controlled speed lock, allowing parents to control the driving speed and ensure a safe ride.

The go kart also features a seat belt and a racing flag for increased visibility on the track. Plus, it grows with your child! The tool-free quick unlock lever allows you to easily adjust the seat as your child grows, providing years of excitement.

With a 36-volt battery and charger included, the Extreme Drift Go Kart is ready to hit the road. The battery offers a charge length of approximately 45 minutes, depending on the user’s weight and the terrain.

The go kart also features a battery capacity indicator, keeping you informed about the battery life.

With its sleek design and impressive performance, the Radio Flyer Extreme Drift Go Kart is a fantastic choice for young racers seeking an exhilarating ride at an affordable price.

BERG Reppy Rebel

Berg builds quality pedal go karts so they have earned their spot on this list. The Berg Pedal Kart Reppy Rebel is another great product produced by Berg.

The Berg Reppy Rebel is suitable for children 2 to 6 years old. If you have looked at other Berg pedal go karts you can see the difference in the seat. The seat on the Berg Reppy Rebel is mounted lower. This allows the driver to easily move fore and aft but still reach the steering wheel easily.

Also this lowers the center of gravity. Lowering the center of gravity will prevent rollovers and give you a safer pedal go kart.

Another great feature are the EVA high tech foam tires. Foam tires are fantastic for a couple reasons. They are soft which absorbs bumps on the driving surface but still tough enough to match the wear of a traditional rubber tire.

Another feature is the silence!

If you already have children, silence is a gift. Silence is something you cherish. Other pedal go karts with plastic wheels make a lot of noise riding down the road. The Berg Pedal Kart Reppy Rebel makes that afternoon ride that much more enjoyable.

The swing axle allows a range of motion for the axle of the go kart. When traveling over bumps the swing axle will move with the bumps allowing a smooth ride for you!

Razor High Torque Drifter

This sleek and thrilling ride is designed for adventurers aged 9 and up who are ready to conquer the art of drifting, spinning, and cornering like a pro.

Thanks to the innovative Drift Bar, you’re in full control of your moves, allowing you to steer your way forward, backward, sideways, and even diagonally. It’s like dancing on wheels!

Powered by a variable speed, high-torque motor, this drifting wonder can reach speeds of up to 12 mph, delivering an adrenaline rush that lasts for up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

The unique combination of high-impact pneumatic front tires and dual inclined caster wheels in the back provides unbeatable durability and control. With a sturdy powder-coated steel frame and rechargeable batteries, the Crazy Cart is built to withstand your wildest drifting adventures.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the world of drifting, the Crazy Cart offers a wild ride that you won’t forget.

Complete with safety features, a comfortable raised bucket-style seat, and an adjustable speed control for parents, this cart brings the thrill of the racetrack to your neighborhood streets.

So, get ready to spin, drive, and drift like never before with the ultimate drifting machine – the Razor High Torque Drifter!

Razor Crazy Cart Shift

The Razor Crazy Kart Shift is a great option for a go kart under $500!

This go kart is well under the $500 budget mark making it a bang for your buck.

What makes this go kart great is the wide range of ages that can ride this.

Yes, I understand that Razor recommends the max weight at 120 lbs but there are videos of grown adults drifting this thing around. The go kart handles it like a champ too.

Kids as young as two that have the capabilities to ride this can do so. A go kart that can serve you for years is a key factor you want to look for when purchasing one.

The power system is a 12 Volt battery that has a pretty good battery life.

The speeds of this drift monster wont get much higher than about 8 MPH but that is ok. Drifting isn’t really a high speed sport so the lower speeds will keep you out of harm’s way.

One downside to this is the terrain. Other than asphalt, concrete, patios and driveways you won’t be able to drive this many other places. Brick roads and walkways can be tricky as the caster wheels may get stuck.

Off-roading is basically out of the question.

Overall this is an amazing go kart and one that you and your kids will surely love!

AOSOM 24V Electric Go Kart

This turbo-charged go-kart delivers the thrill of speed while keeping safety at the forefront.

With a maximum speed of 7.5 mph, it’s like a mini-racecar for your little racer, providing the wind-in-the-hair experience that every young driver dreams of.

And guess what? It can drift like a real car, bringing the excitement of the racetrack to your backyard.

Safety is the name of the game with this electric go-kart.

Wide high-traction wheels ensure a smooth and secure ride, while the five-point seatbelt not only keeps your little one safely strapped in but also teaches them an important life lesson about wearing seatbelts.

The built-in horn and music buttons add a playful touch, allowing your child to honk their way to fun and dance their heart out while cruising in style.

Whether your child is in the driver’s seat or you’re taking control with the remote, the Aosom go-kart promises endless entertainment.

With a sleek jet black design, EVA wheels for enhanced traction, and a weight capacity of up to 110 lbs, this electric go-kart is the perfect blend of excitement and safety.

So, get ready to watch your child’s eyes light up as they zoom around in their very own go-kart, developing essential skills while having a blast. Get ready for non-stop fun with Aosom!

How do I Pick the Best Go Karts?

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (14)

As a devoted dad and seasoned go kart racer, my approach to picking out the perfect go kart for both kids and adults is a blend of careful consideration and passion for the sport. I understand that finding the right go kart involves more than just speed – it’s about matching the machine’s capabilities with the intended application.

When I’m on the hunt for a go kart, I take my time to thoroughly examine each option. I assess the design, build quality, and safety features to ensure they meet the standards I expect for my family and myself. For kids, it’s all about safety and ease of use. I look for features like adjustable speed settings, safety belts, and durable construction to withstand young drivers’ excitement.

For the adult side of the equation, I dive into the technical aspects. I scrutinize the engine power, transmission options, and suspension system to ensure that the go kart can deliver the performance I crave on the track. Durability and safety remain paramount, but I also look for features that enhance the driving experience, like responsive steering and comfortable seating.

Ultimately, I pride myself on being a discerning go kart enthusiast who takes a holistic approach. From the track to family outings, I understand that different scenarios call for different karts. By carefully weighing factors like safety, performance, and enjoyment, I make sure that both kids and adults can experience the exhilaration of go karting to the fullest.

Yes, A 200cc go kart can reach speeds of up to 50+ MPH.

BUT! This varies greatly on the gear ratio, driver and passenger weight and driving surfaces! You can be sure to have fun on a 200cc go kart.

This varies greatly on the type of engine but generally speaking a 125cc go kart you will go around 40-50 MPH.

25cc 2 Stroke – up to 75mph

125cc 4 Stroke – 25-35mph

Why is a 2 stroke faster? Read morehereto understand why.

Absolutely Go Karts can reach speeds of above 100 MPH.

To reach these speeds you will have to have the correct gear ratio and engine HP.

$500 Go Karts Affordable Excitement: Top Go Karts Under $500 (2024)
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