Best White Lie Party Ideas (2024)

  • 🥳 What is a White Lie?
  • 🤓 Is it okay to tell White Lies?
  • 🤩 What is a White Lie Party?
  • ⚪️ Top 100 White Lies Party Shirt Ideas

What is a White Lie?

A white lie is a mundane, small, or inconsequential falsity that you say either on purpose to avoid nonsense drama and argument, or a false statement spoken not on purpose but out of habit.

Telling white lies has been a part of our daily conversations and lives, especially during social events when you’re trying to be diplomatic, courteous, and well-mannered. Some white lies were made to protect others from the truth that could hurt them. There are also white lies intended with sarcasm and just for fun!

Is it okay to tell White Lies?

White lies are prosocial. If you think about it, white lies have saved you from lots of unnecessary arguments and have spared the feelings of the people you talk to.

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The answer to whether it’s okay to tell white lies or not depends solely on the situation. If telling the white lie will make things worse than telling the truth, it’s best to just stick with the truth!

What is a White Lie Party?

A White Lies Party is simply a party in which people show up wearing white shirts with simple texts or words or statements of white lies that they wrote on the shirt, usually with a Sharpie pen or marker!

This party theme is certainly a new age type of party with a number of posts that started growing on Tiktok since July 2020. There are a lot of posts on different social media platforms of different white lies texts written on white shirts. The white lies range from day-to-day statements we hear to controversial ones that could really make you crack up or gasp with utter shock at the audacity of the person wearing it!

Wearing the white shirts with the white lies is a modern way of showing the world who you truly are. People will know immediately that you are being sarcastic and that you mean the total opposite of the white lie you’re wearing! This party has no room for judgments, only acceptance of flaws and good vibes!

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Best White Lie Party Ideas (1)

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Here is a list of the best and crowd-favorite white lies shirt ideas worldwide that you can try at future white lie parties you’re going to attend…

Top 100 White Lies Party Shirt Ideas

  1. I’m not drunk!
  2. My phone died.
  3. Of course I remember you!
  4. I’m on my way.
  5. Yes, I’m sober!
  6. It’s fine, I’m fine, everything’s fine!
  7. I never post on social media.
  8. I don’t need alcohol to have fun!
  9. I have my sh*t together!
  10. I hate attention.
  11. I’ll text you back.
  12. Let’s keep in touch!
  13. Never drinking again
  14. I can’t come in today. I’m sick.
  15. I’m a smart Asian.
  16. I am a virgin.
  17. No to alcohol!
  18. I always tell the truth even when I lie.
  19. You look great!
  20. I love working out.
  21. Oh, yeah, I’ve seen G.O.T!
  22. Not a troublemaker!
  23. I quit drinking.
  24. First time drinking
  25. If my mouth doesn’t say it, my face definitely will!
  26. I’ll call you later.
  27. I’m listening.
  28. I won’t be late!
  29. I’ll pay you back!
  30. I quit smoking.
  31. I have my life together.
  32. 2020 was the best year!
  33. It was so nice to meet you.
  34. Sorry, my phone died!
  35. White lies matter!
  36. Your cooking is delicious!
  37. I’m low maintenance!
  38. I’d rather be single!
  39. I can have it done by tomorrow.
  40. Not doing it for the money!
  41. I’m never on social media.
  42. It wasn’t me.
  43. That was my idea!
  44. I’ve never ghosted anyone.
  45. I have corona.
  46. I love it!
  47. I’m sorry I forgot!
  48. Did you lose weight?
  49. Allergic to _ _ _ _ _ _.
  50. I am _ _ _ _ _ _ years old.
  51. My boyfriend is the best.
  52. I love your hair!
  53. I love your skirt!
  54. I’ll be ready in five minutes!
  55. I’m not that kind of girl.
  56. Woke up like this!
  57. I won’t text him again.
  58. I’m not jealous!
  59. I don’t have a resting b*tch face.
  60. Related to Taylor Swift
  61. Diet starts tomorrow.
  62. Size doesn’t matter.
  63. I’m not a psycho.
  64. I don’t miss him.
  65. This is my first.
  66. I’m over my ex.
  67. I am low maintenance.
  68. You’re the only girl I talk to.
  69. I won’t break your heart.
  70. I am not toxic.
  71. Graduated Cum Laude
  72. I hate you.
  73. Exercise and diet starting tomorrow!
  74. Good Girl
  75. This is calm.
  76. I come to class prepared.
  77. We didn’t meet on Tinder!
  78. I’m emotionally available.
  79. I actually loved her.
  80. I use condoms.
  81. I have read the terms and conditions.
  82. You have such a nice house!
  83. Just kidding!
  84. Just tell the truth, I won’t be mad.
  85. You’re so funny!
  86. Let’s hang out sometime when you’re free!
  87. Everything’s gonna be okay!
  88. I weigh _ _ _ _ _ _ lbs.
  89. I’d love to hear your story!
  90. My kid is sick.
  91. I love quarantine!
  92. I’m listening.
  93. Sober as f*ck.
  94. I workout all the time!
  95. I enjoy being here.
  96. I don’t care about politics!
  97. I am not single!
  98. It’s not you, it’s me.
  99. I don’t normally do this on the first date.
  100. I’m a great driver!

Among these witty and funny phrases, which is your favorite white lie? And which white lie best defines your personality? You better think about it real hard because there’s no taking it back once you start writing it with your Sharpie! ✒️

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Best White Lie Party Ideas (2024)
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