Current Programs | Fraternity and Sorority Life (2024)

The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life works closely with chapter leaders, advisors, and alumni as well as governing council officers, University faculty and staff, and community partners to ensure that members of the Greek community have a meaningful learning experience at Florida State that compliments their academic experience and better prepares them to be global citizens. In addition to our day to day advising work, we are proud to offer the following educational programs:


CORE is Panhellenic's 5-week new member program that challenges participants to get out of their comfort zones, meet Panhellenic sisters, and develop their leadership skills.

Who is eligible? New Members from the current and previous semester

When does this occur? Every fall and spring semester

How to sign up? Applications will be released early each semester. Check out Panhellenic's social media pages for updated dates and links to the application.

Greek Leadership Summit

The Greek Leadership Summit is a 3-day leadership retreat held each year. Attendees will participate in leadership development activities and have in-depth conversations about current issues in the FSL community.

Who is eligible? Chapter presidents and council executive board members are required to attend.

When does this occur? The first weekend of the spring semester

How to sign up? You will receive an email from an OFSL staff member in November.

Leadershape® Institute™

LeaderShape® at Florida State University hosts a session of the Institute which challenges participants to lead with integrity while working toward a vision grounded in their deepest values. Participants explore not only what they want to do, but also who they want to be. This is a six-day leadership experience provided at no cost to participants.

Who is eligible? All members of the FSU FSL community.

When does this occur? Summer 2020.

How to sign up? Please check back for a sign-up link.


neoCORE brings together all new members from the Multicultural Greek Council for a half-day teambuilding and leadership experience. This is a great opportunity for new members to get to know one another and their council community.

Who is eligible? All new members who join in Spring 2020 are required to attend.

When does this occur? April 2020

How to sign up? Your chapter president or council advisor will connect with you about this event.

New Member Academy

IFC New Member Academy is a 5-week leadership development program where participants can develop their leadership capacity and gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of being a leader in the fraternity and sorority community. Graduates of the program will be primed to move into leadership roles in their chapter, council, and community, having developed a better understanding of who they are and having built community with participants from other IFC chapters.

Who is eligible? Each New Member Academy cohort is comprised of two new members from each IFC chapter.

When does this occur? Each semester

How to sign up? Please check back for the application in September.

New Member Institute

The New Member Institute brings together the newest members of the community from across all 4 councils for a 3-day leadership experience. The curriculum focuses on teaching attendees about design thinking and how they can solve problems by leading with empathy. Attendees will also have time to form connections with other new members and learn more about the FSL community at FSU.

Who is eligible? All individuals who joined their fraternity or sorority in Fall 2019. Only 2 new members per chapter may attend.

When does this occur? November 8-10, 2019

How to sign up? Please check back for a sign-up link in September.

NPHC Orientation

This orientation is a half day experience designed for new members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council to become familiar with the FSU Fraternity and Sorority Community, network with current members and other council leaders, and discuss general expectations of membership. Attendees are guided through the day by a small group facilitator, an older member of the community, to answer questions and serve as a mentor.

Who is eligible? All new members of National Pan-Hellenic Council chapters each semester.

When does this occur? Each semester

How to sign up? Your chapter president or council advisor will connect with you about this event.

Peer Leadership Course

The Peer Leadership Course is a three credit-hour course taught by staff from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Blending academic and co-curricular content, the course helps students identify and formulate personal values in the context of their Greek experience, develop relationship skills through interactive dialogue and presentations, and demonstrate cognitive development through self-evaluation and the creation of leadership action plan.

Who is eligible? This highly selective leadership development course is open to newer members of the Greek community who are selected through an application process.

When does this occur? Each semester

How to sign up? Applications go out the semester before you would begin the course. Please check back for an application sign-up link.

Current Programs | Fraternity and Sorority Life (2024)
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