The Mystery of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117 [Solved] (2024)

Welcome to the enigma of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117, a puzzle waiting to be solved. You might have come across this address and wondered what secrets it holds. Is it just another mailbox among thousands, or could there be something unique about it? If you’re scratching your head trying to figure out why this PO Box has popped up on your radar, you’re not alone.

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Here’s a fact that will start to unravel the mystery: This little box is linked to CitiBank Drive Card services—a clue that leads us into a world of finance and correspondence. In this blog post, we’ll provide valuable insights into PO Box 6753 and show you what makes it more than an ordinary spot for mail collection.

Are you ready for some revealing information? Keep reading as we dive deep into the story behind those five digits!

Background Information on PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117

PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117 is a post office box located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It uses the zip+4 code format, which helps with sorting and delivering mail faster. This PO Box is used by CitiBank for its Drive Card services.

People use it to handle their credit card matters securely.

The postal service considers this box an essential point for mail delivery in the area. With proper add-on codes, letters and packages reach their destination without delays or errors.

Companies like CitiBank trust these boxes to keep client information safe and confidential.

Ownership of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117

CitiBank Drive Card is the owner of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117. This PO box serves as a mailing address for their financial services. Customers use this box number when they need to send documents or communicate with CitiBank concerning the Drive Card.

This particular post office box helps keep mail organized and secure. It’s especially useful for CitiBank, as they deal with lots of private information. The bank can sort and respond to customer queries effectively using this system.

People often choose to interact with businesses through PO boxes like these for added privacy and efficiency. In addition, you can also read an article on Po Box 7251 Sioux Falls.

The Physical Location of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117

PO Box 6753 sits in the bustling heart of Sioux Falls. This city anchors Minnehaha County, a spot known for its active post offices and mail services. The box itself is part of a larger group, squeezed between others, all sharing the unique ZIP+4 code: 57117-6702.

People rely on this PO box to get their letters and packages safely. It’s like a treasure chest for mail, tucked away inside a postal building where workers sort through envelopes and parcels every day.

Everyone, from local residents to businesses, uses it as a secure address away from home or the office.

Contact Details for PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117

Ready to learn more about PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117? Reach out directly! Call CitiBank Drive Card, shoot them an email, or check their website. They’re there to help answer your questions.

Remember, staying informed is key—don’t hesitate to make that call today!

PO Box 6753 in Context: Sioux Falls SD 57117

Delving into the significance of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117, we explore its role within the vibrant community of Sioux Falls—a city renowned for both its charm and economic robustness. This unassuming postal box sits amid a landscape where business correspondence and private mailings converge, reflecting a slice of daily life in South Dakota’s most populous city.

Overview of Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is the largest city in South Dakota. It’s full of life, with falls that crash down at the heart of the city. The place buzzes with parks, business centers, and a history that dates back centuries.

People from all over come to see its beauty and opportunities.

Having a PO Box here makes sense for lots of folks. They get their mail safely while they work or explore what Sioux Falls has to offer. Mail comes in without delay because Sioux Falls has an efficient postal service system—thanks also to those trusty zip+4 codes that keep things moving smoothly! If you want, you can also read PO Box 81129 in Austin Texas.

Importance of PO Boxes in Sioux Falls

PO Boxes play a big role in how Sioux Falls residents and businesses manage their mail. People rent them for privacy, security, or convenience. A PO Box at the local post office offers a secure spot for mail and packages.

It’s useful when someone moves often or doesn’t have a stable street address.

Businesses in Sioux Falls also depend on PO Boxes. They use these boxes to keep work separate from home mail. This helps them stay organized and professional-looking with customers.

With each PO box having its own ZIP+4 code, mail gets sorted faster too! That means quicker delivery times for important documents or packages.

Detailed Analysis of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117

The Mystery of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117 [Solved] (1)

We’re diving deep into the functionalities of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117, where a multitude of services converge under one postal code. This segment peels back the layers to reveal how various entities utilize this discrete mailbox and its impact on operations within Sioux Falls’ bustling mail network.

Services offered

PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117 offers a secure way to get your mail. You can rent this box for personal or business use.

  • Mail collection: You can pick up letters, packages, and other deliveries from this PO box.
  • Privacy protection: Your home address stays private when you use PO Box 6753.
  • Permanent address: If you move often, this PO box gives you a constant address for all your mail.
  • Safety for sensitive documents: Important papers like bank statements and legal notices are more secure at the post office.
  • Longer holding times: The post office can hold your mail longer than at your home mailbox.
  • Convenience: Check your mail any time during post office hours without worrying about missed deliveries.
  • Easy setup: You can start using the PO Box quickly by filling out a simple form and paying the rental fee.

Notable Entities associated with the PO Box

PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117, is more than just a mailbox. It’s linked with CitiBank’s Drive Card services.

  • CitiBank Drive Card: This card lets drivers buy gas and pay for auto-related expenses. The PO Box acts as a billing address for customers to send payments.
  • Customer Service: People use this address to contact CitiBank about their Drive Card accounts. Questions and requests go here.
  • Payment Processing Center: CitiBank receives thousands of payments at this box. It helps them keep track of who has paid up.
  • Mailing Address for Disputes: If you find a mistake on your bill, you can send letters here. They look at the problem and help fix it.
  • Document Submission Site: Sometimes CitiBank needs extra papers from you. You can mail these important documents safely to PO Box 6753.
  • Online Management: While you can manage your account on the web, some prefer sending forms through the post office boxes at this zip code.

User Interaction with PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117

Discovering the nuances of user interaction with PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117, we dive into the seamless process that connects individuals to this South Dakota hub. Engaging with this PO Box is more than just sending and receiving; it’s a journey through efficient postal service mechanics set against the backdrop of Sioux Falls’ unique landscape.

How to send mail to the PO Box

Sending mail to a PO box is easy. Follow these simple steps to make sure your mail arrives at PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117.

  • Write the recipient’s full name on the first line of the envelope. This ensures the post office knows who to deliver the mail to.
  • Place the PO Box number on the second line. For example, you would write “PO Box 6753.”
  • Add the city, state, and ZIP code below that. It should look like this: “Sioux Falls, SD 57117.”
  • Ensure your return address is in the top-left corner of the envelope. This includes your full name and your own address.
  • Choose the right postage for your letter’s size and weight. Not enough postage can delay delivery.
  • Drop off your letter at any mailbox or post office. Look for blue collection boxes in your area or visit a local post office.
  • Consider purchasing tracking or delivery confirmation if your mail is important. This gives you peace of mind, knowing when it reaches its destination.

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Receiving mail from the PO Box

Getting mail from PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117 is easy. You rent the box, and your mail starts to arrive there.

  • First, you decide to rent a PO Box, like number 6753.
  • You get a key for your new PO Box.
  • Mail carriers bring letters and packages addressed to you to the post office.
  • They sort all the mail by PO Box numbers.
  • Your letters and packages go into your specific box, 6753.
  • You use your key to open PO Box 6753 whenever you want.
  • The post office keeps all boxes inside, safe and dry.
  • If a package is too big, they give you a special slip of paper.
  • This slip tells you to pick up your package at the counter.
  • At the counter, show some ID so they know it’s really you.
  • They hand over your package with a smile!
  • If you’re waiting for something important, ask for an alert service.
  • The alert could be an email or text that tells you when mail arrives.


We’ve looked into PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117. Now you know it’s tied to CitiBank Drive Card. Remember, if you need more info, contact them directly! They’ll have the latest details for you.

Keep an eye out here for fresh updates on this topic.

The Mystery of PO Box 6753 Sioux Falls SD 57117 [Solved] (2024)


What is the PO box number example? ›

To be clear, you do actually write the words “PO Box” on the envelope, followed by the PO Box number. For example: PO Box 123456. It is important to make sure you have the correct Zip Code when sending to a PO Box.

Do not bend or tear mail meaning? ›

A rubber stamp that reads DO NOT BEND is a warning to the shipper that bending will break the contents.

How do I find an address from a PO Box number? ›

Reverse PO Box Search

To locate the forwarding address or physical address associated with the PO Box number hosted at a US Post Office, provide the Box holder's full name (or business name), box number, zip code, and any other information that might assist the investigator's search.

How do you identify a PO Box address? ›

Check your lease agreement or rental contract: Your PO box address should be listed in your lease agreement or rental contract if you rented a PO box. Contact the post office: If you're not sure what your PO box address is, you can call or visit the post office where you rented the PO box and ask for the information.

What does flood of hate mail mean? ›

unpleasant or cruel letters from someone who dislikes you.

What is a perforated mail? ›

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What does never mail it in mean? ›

(idiomatic) To deliver a performance without commitment or effort, with lackluster results.

How many digits is a PO Box number? ›

A post office box (usually called a P.O. Box) is a lockable box with a real-street address at a local post office station. A P.O. Box address is a numbered box located in a post office where a person's postal mail is kept. In most cases, it is a two- to five-digit number that represents the location of the postal box.

Is PO Box number and ZIP Code same? ›

A zip code describes an area, essentially a neighbourhood, in postal-speak: it usually includes multiple addresses, whether business or residential, unless the building at the address is absolutely massive. A PO box is a single box in a specific post office: it is effectively one specific address.

How to write PO Box as street address? ›

In Premium PO Box Service locations that offer Street Addressing, a customer's mailing address may be either the street address for the Post Office where their PO Box is located, followed by # and the box number, or PO Box followed by the box number.

Is a PO Box address line 1 or 2? ›

The Address Line 2 field can also include a backup PO Box number. For example, if mail delivery isn't possible to the street address, the postal service can use the PO Box number in Address Line 2 for delivery. (Note that when shipping directly to a PO Box, include the PO Box number in Address Line 1.

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