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Thank you for inquiring about Mahaska Custom Bows. Each bow is hand crafted with the serious traditional bow-hunter in mind. The Mahaska is a true custom bow, no two bows are alike, each is built to your specifications with a wide selection of woods available. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call.

Kent Ostrem              

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Key to Photo

1. Longbow with Zebra wood handle
2. Flatbow with Coco Bolo handle
3. Recurve with Shedua handle
4. Recurve with Bubinga handle
5. Recurve with Red Gum Handle
6. Recurve limb with dark stained Red Elm

Wood Samples

A. Pau Ferro F. Honey Locust
B. Kingwood G. Hawaiian Koa
C. Cordia H. Ash
D. Goncalo Alves I. Cardinal Wood
E. Ziricote J. Morradillo

Mahaska Longbow and Recurve


Custom longbows
(From Left to Right) Longbows in Nutmeg, Coffeewood and Winewood.

Walnut Limb

Cherry Limb Stained Medium Brown
Cherry Limb Stained Light Brown

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Key to Photo

1. Southwest Cedar Limb
2. Longbow with Bocote handle
3. Arroya limb
4. Recurve with Zebra wood handle

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Key to Photo

1. Recurve with Bubinga handle
2. Southwest Cedar Limb
3. Arroya limb
4. Flatbow in Bocote wood handle

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Key to Photo

1. Longbow with Shedua wood handle
2. Longbow with Zebra wood handle
3. Recurve with Bocote wood handle

Mahaska Longbow

A traditional style longbow hand-crafted in the woods of your choice. A smooth shooting deflex-reflex design that significantly reduces hand shock. This longbow offers a perfect blend of speed, balance and smooth draw resulting in a bow that shoots where you're looking. Built to your specifications, the handle may be shaped to any style and size you wish. A straight traditional style, a slightly dished locator type or a semi-pistol grip.

Bow lengths: 62"-64"-66"-68" $480.00

Mahaska Flatbow

A smooth shooting and fast handling deflex-reflex design. This is the finest shooting flatbow ever made. The shorter wider limbs give this bow remarkable smoothness and speed. As with all Mahaska bows, the flatbow can be built in any wood combination and handle shape you desire.

Bow length: 62" $480.00

Mahaska Recurve

An outstanding one piece recurve built in a traditional style. Designed to shoot off the shelf, this recurve is an instinctive archers dream. The natural feel and pointability of the Mahaska Recurve is second to none.

Bow length: 58"-60" $490.00

Handle Wood Choices

Standard Woods: Nutmeg, Coffeewood, Winewood, Shedua, Zebra, Bubinga, Walnut, Ash, and Osage.

Optional Woods (add $30.00): Catclaw, Kingwood, Coco Bolo, Goncalo Alves, Purple Heart, Cordia, Flamewood, Pau Ferro, Granadillo, Bocote, Blackbean and Bloodwood. Other woods available upon request.



All models available with black, brown, or clear glass. (Add $30.00 for clear.)

Limb Cores

Standard Limbs: Walnut or Cherry with your choice of Bamboo (Action-boo) or Maple center lams.
Optional Limbs: (add $30.00) Arroya, Southwestern Cedar, Natural Bamboo and Red Elm
Limb woods can be stained various shades and colors to compliment any of the above handle woods.

3 Year Limited Warranty

Mahaska Custom Bows will replace or repair, upon examination, any bow found to be defective in material or workmanship, free of charge. This warranty does not cover damage by abuse, neglect, accident, tampering, improper use or improper stringing techniques. We shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage arising out of improper use or operation of our bows. Warranty applies to original purchaser only.

Placing An Order

When ordering, please state right or left hand, draw weight (+ or - 2lbs.) at your draw length. Specify handle wood and limb core wood. Bow is finished with a tough waterproof finish in low glare satin or flat finish. Minimum 50% deposit with order, balance due upon completion. All prices include 11% federal excise tax. Please add $20.00 shipping per bow (U.S. only. International shipping available. Contact us for pricing.) Delivery approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Flemish twist string supplied with each bow. Extra strings $12.00 each. Make check or money order payable to Kent Ostrem.



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